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Will carpet binding bring my antique rug back to life?

Yes. Carpet binding fixes the frayed and worn areas of your rug, whether fringe, small holes or tears, using special tape and a heavy-duty sewing machine.

Binding is also a good way to create your carpet design or area rugs, using remnants or cut pieces from an already existing rug.

Prevention is better than treatment

A lot of times we?re asked when the best time is to bring carpet in for binding, and our answer is always the same: ?The minute you see signs of wear!?

A small hole will only get bigger with time. That makes the process more difficult, even requiring re-weaving, and might change the pattern. Loose fringes and tears cause unraveling.

Also, be watchful especially if you know it's made from fiber, such as wool, that is vulnerable to moth damage. As long as it's not too severe, it can be repaired, but look for missing threads and colors; if you see them, it may be the work of moths, and warrants checking.

If it gets wet, be sure to let it dry thoroughly; even mild water damage will affect reparability. It can also result in mold and a smell you?ll never get rid of.

When is it worth it repair a rug?

That's something only you can decide. One factor is cost. Some rugs are very expensive to replace and that makes repair worth it. Sentimental value is often higher than financial value, so consider if the carpet is part of family history and there are memories attached to it.

Also, ask yourself how big a role in your home?s interior design the carpet plays. As you probably know, designers often use the battle cry ?Design from the floor up? which means to first decide on the floor and then work your way around it. Finding another one that fits in with decor costs time and money, and if you decide on to start all over with new furniture, well, that can be expensive.

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