Custom area rug size made from a New Franken, WI carpet binding service

When is it good to use carpet binding?

There are many reasons to use?this service. The obvious is to repair your rug, but?carpet binding will help you to save money or sentimental value by allowing you to turn worn, seemingly unsalvageable carpets or remnants into a scatter rug.

Some money-saving ideas include turning a worn-out Oriental or Persian that may be too expensive to replace by turning it into a throw, then layer it over a plainer, less expensive carpet. Another idea: Cut waste by utilizing the remnants from your carpet installation. Not only do they make incredible area rugs, but they will also make your life easier since they'll be easy to match!

There's also the sentimental issue.?Sometimes a worn rug may be a family heirloom with a lot of memories attached. When it's cut into a smaller rug, it'll always be with you.?

The oddly shaped room

You've been looking all over for a perfect area rug, and you've finally found it, but stock area rugs come in standard sizes. Not only is your room not a perfect square, but there are baseboards and a door sill that make it even harder to fit.??

You can either buy that rug and have it cut and shaped for your room or design your own from carpet remnants.

Is carpet edge binding the same as serging?

No. Binding creates a more tailored look where the carpet edges have stitching, fabric (usually polyester), or adhesive to keep them from fraying or unraveling.?
It's a fast and inexpensive process.

With serging, the yarn is wrapped over the edge. When finished, it looks like a thick fiber has been wrapped continuously around the edge. It looks hand sewn but is done by machine. Some people compare this look to the inside seams of clothing.

If you'd like more information on carpet binding?or want to explore our extensive inventory, feel free to visit us if you live in Northeast Wisconsin, particularly New Franken, Franken, or Green Bay. The Bayland flooring showroom is in New Franken, and we'd like to show how carpet binding is an excellent option for the perfect area rug for your d?cor.?