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What's the difference between luxury vinyl and sheet vinyl?

If you?re just getting to know vinyl flooring, then you may be confused about the differences between luxury vinyl and sheet vinyl. Today, we?re going to demystify these two flooring types and help you figure out which one would best suit your upcoming remodeling.

Same materials, same floors?

Though these two floors are both made of vinyl, they?re indeed two very distinct types of surfacing options. While they both have four layers each, that?s where the similarities start to taper off. Each style has a different manufacturing process and amount of vinyl. Mainly, it?s the thickness layer that?s most distinct, and because of this, certain styles ? such as the plank and wide width slats ? are only attained with the luxury model. As such, homeowners will need to decide what kind of look they?re aiming for, to narrow down their model options.?

But are they both durable?

In short, the answer is yes, they?re both durable. However, since a luxury installation tends to be thicker, and thus more padded, it can typically last a bit longer than sheeting. Having said this, it all heavily depends on where you place your flooring and how you maintain it. Nonetheless, we?re still talking about impressive lifespan numbers, anywhere from 15-30 years, depending on which installation you choose.

Does luxury vinyl or sheet vinyl look better?

First off, both of these vinyl installations come in an amazing array of styles, designs, and colors. While sheeting is manufacturing with some really lovely patterns nowadays, planks offer you the means of a faux-wood slat installation. For many homeowners, this is a real selling point because they appreciate slatted floors. Also, modern embossing techniques allow for some impressive, realistic designs for both options. Planks, though, as mentioned, do come in hyper-realistic hardwood grains that are sure to make it hard for you to decide if it?s indeed the real deal!

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