Beautiful area rug in a New Franken home made with carpet binding

What?s the difference between carpet binding and serging?

The two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but they couldn?t be more different. Carpet edge binding means that a synthetic or cotton piece of fabric is folded over the edges and sewn with a special binding machine.

Serging is also sometimes called overlock sticking. A piece of yarn is wrapped continuously around the rug?s edge, done by a special machine and not hand-sewn as many think.

Many feel that carpet binding gives a more finished look. Serging has sometimes been compared to the look of an inside seam on an article of clothing.

When to use carpet binding

It helps you keep your money by:

?Salvaging your worn carpet. Sometimes you might have a special sentimental attachment or the rug. It may be a family heirloom, something that?s been around for generations. If you can?t bear the idea of parting with it entirely, have it made into area rugs, and it?ll still be with you.
?Stretching the cost. The original carpet might have been very costly, such as an Oriental or Persian. Don?t throw them out entirely, you can still use them as scatter rugs.
?Preventing frayed and unraveled edges. Carpet remnants are popular, but they typically aren?t finished, so if you?re using them to create runners or scatter rugs, you?ll have to bind the edges.

Advantages of creating your area rugs with rug binding

With area rug binding you can:

?Fit an odd-sized room. It would be nice if all rooms were perfect squares. Between door sills, moldings, baseboards, and bay windows they can get pretty oddly shaped. Standard rugs come in standard sizes that may not fit. If you've found that "just right" rug but it's the wrong size, buy it anyway. Just have it cut and shaped.
?Coordinate easier. Since it comes from an existing carpet, it already works with your furnishings, casegoods, and other colors.
?Get a selection that?s right for you. Standard, ?off-the-rack? area rugs tend to be highly patterned, while broadloom designs go toward the more subtle. You may well want something a little quieter.

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