What should be installed beneath sheet vinyl flooring?

What should be installed beneath sheet vinyl flooring?

Not all sheet vinyl flooring needs an underlayment, but you might prefer one in certain situations, depending on your chosen products. There are several options to consider, and understanding what they offer can help you make your decisions.

If you?re preparing for a remodel with sheet vinyl flooring, you may choose an underlayment for personal reasons. Here are some facts to think about if you?re planning a remodel.

Why use an underlayment?

One of the reasons homeowners choose to use an underlayment is to make up for a thin product. These products flex and bend or allow indentations in a vinyl sheet underneath pressure points beneath the furniture.

The proper underlayment also offers protection in heavy traffic areas, guarding against wear and damage. If you have pets, children, or lots of foot traffic, you'll also enjoy the acoustic benefits that work to absorb noise, voices, electronic sounds, and more.

Choosing underlayment or no underlayment

Once you choose your flooring materials, you'll be able to decide whether an underlayment is needed. Consider your household need, budget, and plans to determine your need for an underlayment.

If you decide an underlayment is necessary for your sheet vinyl flooring, the next step is determining the thickness and cost. Again, we're here to choose an ideal solution if you need help finding the perfect product.

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