Waterproof flooring in a waterfront Wisconsin home

What makes luxury vinyl flooring waterproof?

Have you ever wondered what makes waterproof flooring waterproof? If so, you?re not alone, and we?re going to speak to that very topic in this blog today.

Many products can take on the waterproof characteristic, but today we?re going to focus on luxury vinyl. However, we?ll be glad to discuss any material when you visit us.

Waterproof flooring and all that it offers

If you?ve researched this flooring line long, you already know it?s available in a wealth of formats, appearances, and styles, including wood-look waterproof flooring. These floors take on the appearance of solid hardwood but protect you from all water damage, from basements to bedrooms and everything in between.

The secret to the protection you receive from these floors lies primarily in the core material. You might hear terms such as 100% vinyl, stone plastic composite (SPC), or wood plastic composite (WPC), and these all identify the makeup of the protective core layer.

WPC, while containing the word ?wood,? has no wood products at all, but rather wood resins and other materials, combined with plastic composites to create a very stable protective layer. SPC uses the same construction, but with stone materials instead of wood.

Both of these materials offer a click and lock system of installation that can help keep water from seeping down into your flooring. Even if it did, these materials are mold and mildew resistant, so you never have to worry about the foul odors or health hazards associated with the materials.

Let us offer the waterproof flooring you want and need

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If you?re considering these flooring materials for your home, be sure to visit our New Franken, WI showroom, when you?re in the area. We?ll tell you everything you need to know about waterproof flooring, so your project is a complete success.