Beautiful area rug in New Franken, WI thanks to carpet edge binding

What is carpet binding?

Carpet edge binding turns carpet remnants into useful area rugs that can be used for aesthetic or practical purposes. You may want to place the rugs in rooms that have hard surface floors to add some color to the room. Or you may choose to use them in doorways or other high traffic spots to protect wall-to-wall carpeting. Bayland Flooring, located in northeast Wisconsin, offers a carpet binding service. We can create an area rug that is designed for your home. We have a wide variety of carpeting and carpet remnants along with other types of flooring in our New Franken, Wisconsin, showroom.

Basic facts

You can create an area rug with carpeting that is left over after installation or purchase a remnant in a desired color and carpet fiber. Binding is a strip of fabric, generally made from either cotton or polyester, that is folded over the edge of the rug and then stitched on. The binding material is designed to blend with the rug. Polyester tape, 3-inch wide cotton sisal tape, and fringing are available materials. Binding is done with a binding machine, which is similar to a commercial sewing machine. Binding not only gives the rug a finished look, but it also protects the edge from wear, and it prevents fraying.

The process

Not all types of binding can be applied to all carpets. The flooring specialist who guides your project can provide information about the best choice for your rug. There are at least four steps in the carpet binding process:

  • The carpet is cut into the correct shape and size.
  • Binding style and the color is chosen.
  • The binding is sewn onto the rug.
  • Corners are stabilized with glue to prevent unraveling
  • For thicker carpets, it must be determined if the carpet requires power beveling, which tapers the edge of the rug so there is a smooth transition to the thin binding.

Bayland Flooring
serves New Franken, Franken, Green Bay, and other nearby Wisconsin communities. In addition to rug binding, our services include carpet installation, restretching, and cleaning and custom area rugs. Call us or stop by our showroom in New Franken for a quote on your custom rug.