What carpet binding color options are there?

What carpet binding color options are there?

Carpet binding comes with extensive versatility, allowing you to turn a plain carpet into a custom work of art. Binding is the process by which edges for finished in a way that prevents fraying and offers a beautifully polished appearance.

If you've never considered your carpet binding options, here are some options you might think of. Finally, there's a look that will fit your needs perfectly.

What to know about colored binding

One of the most common binding methods is a tape that wraps around the carpet?s edge, and it?s usually stitched into place via machine work. It?s a narrow carpet edge binding, usually a quarter of an inch, and has extensive color choices.

Color options can be contrasting or a blend to offer a subtle match that doesn't detract from the piece's visual appeal. For instance, if your rug is beige, you might blend it with a sand or straw-colored binding, while black or purple binding will make it pop.

Another binding method uses a broader tape, so the binding shows better on the carpet's face and can be as wide as three to four inches. It creates a much more dramatic effect for your custom rugs and is often paired with a binding in a different material, so colors look bold and different.

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