Oriental rug with binding, a service offered at Bayland Flooring in New Franken, WI

The importance of carpet binding

There are many reasons you might need carpet binding services, including the creation of a new area rug or runner, the repair or restoration of area rugs and runners, or repair or restoration of an oriental rug. Binding is incredibly important for these pieces, but we?ll find out more about that now.

The primary purpose of a carpet binding service provider is to bind your carpet or rug in such a way that it will last. With a proper binding the rug is apt to unravel, which can do unrelenting damage to your flooring piece.

Finding a carpet binding service should be hard

A carpet binding service should never be hard to find, as the services are very important for the longevity of your area rug, Oriental rug, or runner. The good news is, when the time comes that you need a carpet binding service provider, we?ll be right there for you.

There are three primary means of binding, with simple binding being the most affordable and easiest to accomplish. This method uses polyester or cotton fabric to wrap the edges of the carpet piece to prevent unraveling.

The next method is known as serging and uses stitching that makes the piece look hand sewn. This creates a high-end look and is more expensive than a simple binding. Finally, there is the fringing method, where fringes are attached to two sides of your carpet. It's important to know that fringe is purely decorative and serves no practical purpose, but can be the most expensive form of binding.

We offer a trustworthy carpet binding service

When it comes down to putting your trust in a professional carpet binding provider, Bayland Flooring is an excellent option. With a showroom in New Franken, WI, we proudly serve the areas of New Franken, WI, and surrounding areas.

If you require this particular service, feel free to visit us at your convenience where you can speak with a flooring associate who will be happy to answer your questions and plan your project. We?ll make sure you get a service estimate that?s affordable, no matter your budget limit.