Well cared for luxury vinyl floors in a New Franken, WI home

The basics of caring for luxury vinyl floors

At Bayland Flooring, we understand that getting new floors is a big investment. Certainly, it takes time to find the right installation for your home. The style, color, and appearance need to be just perfect. But perhaps most importantly, finding the ideal material is a must.

Nowadays, one of our most in-demand surfacing types is luxury vinyl flooring. Affordable, stylish, and easy to clean, many homeowners are choosing this installation to simplify their home life. However, after adding this lovely addition to your space, it?s essential to provide it with proper care and cleaning. While these things aren?t difficult to do, it?s a crucial step towards extending its lifespan for many years.

As such, our New Franken, WI showroom professionals would like to provide you with the following basic care tips for your luxury vinyl installation.

Clean up water or liquid spills immediately

One of the key things that will keep your installation in excellent shape is to clean up any water or liquid spills immediately. While these floors are indeed water-resistant, that doesn't mean you can leave any substance on the vinyl for an extended amount of time. Rather, use a clean cloth or paper towels to absorb the liquid right away.

Cleaners should be non-abrasive, mops must be damp and not wet

Don?t use a mop that?s completely soaked on your floors. If your luxury vinyl installation is dirty enough to require deep cleaning, then stick to a damp microfiber mop instead. Also, not all cleaners are appropriate for vinyl, so read the product label to ensure it is safe to use.

Use a broom with soft bristles

Sweep daily to keep your surfacing clean from dust, dirt, and other gritty substances that can wear down the protective layer. However, make sure to use a soft-bristled broom to not add excessive pressure to the installation, thus prematurely wearing it down. If you?d like to use a vacuum to clean up, you can, but disengage the beater bar to avoid damage to your floors.

Felt protectors safeguard from indents and scratches

Every item in the room that comes into contact with the flooring should have felt protectors. These are a very inexpensive way to safeguard your installation against indents from heavy objects and scratches when moving things around.

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