Carpet binding in New Franken, WI from Bayland Flooring

The 411 on carpet binding

When you choose to create a custom rug, you'll also need custom binding services. Again, this is both necessary and decorative, giving you a wealth of options through the process.

If you've never worked with the binding service before, there are some things you should know. And knowing more about these choices gives you better results.

What is carpet binding?

Binding is the process of sealing the edges of a rug so that they won't unravel over time. While this is necessary, you can also add your touch to the carpet during the service.

Choosing a perfect carpet binding depends on several things. Your rug color and fiber and your decor matching needs are some of the first things to consider.

What types of bindings are there?

There are three common types we use most often. Traditional binding tape, serging, and fringing each give different results.

Each option gives you width and color choices to help match the look you want. And you'll enjoy a result that looks more tailored to your needs.

How long does rug binding last?

Carpet binding can last an average of 10 years for most rugs. But the result is based on traffic levels and updated maintenance, so this can vary.

If you have questions about your specific binding requirements, give us a call or visit. We'll share all the details for your particular situation.

We offer the services you want and need

Bayland Flooring offers impressive carpet binding in New Franken, WI. Our associates will help you create the results you need with our resources.

We cater to communities like New Franken, Franken, Green Bay, and surrounding areas. So, when you visit our New Franken, WI showroom, we'll work with you to create your best results.

Please stop by our showroom when you're ready for carpet binding. We're here to ensure you get the results you want and need, regardless of project size.