Waterproof Flooring | Franken, WI

Five Reasons Why You Need Waterproof Flooring

And, no, it’s not just because of the weather

Ever hear the joke that says if the world was flat all the cats would have pushed everything off by now?

That’s reason #1 to have waterproof flooring; think of those dropped vases, overturned Christmas trees and toppled water dishes that your cat or dog thinks are toys. That's life, and it's what happens when you live in an animal house.

Reason #2: You always wanted a wood floor in your bathroom
You couldn’t have it, though, because wood is damaged by steam and wet and the bathroom is widely known as the “wettest room in the house.”

This material has such a realistic wood look that it even has all of the knots and raised grains of the real thing, wire-brushed appearance and all. It’s even cut into strips and glued to boards to look like planks.

Just because flooring is waterproof, it doesn’t mean you can’t have both function and aesthetics.

Reason #3: Oh no! My dishwasher flooded
You’d think you’re safe because you hardly use it, but that just means the seals dried out. Dry seals mean flooding.

The worst part is that it didn’t just affect the kitchen flooring but the spill traveled to nearby rooms destroying those floors, too. When it’s waterproof it will stop the water in its tracks.

Reasons #4 and #5: tree roots and moisture
Now you can see why it doesn’t matter if you live in a storm-prone area or not. Anything can cause leaks and floods, including corroded washing machine hoses and even slow-draining sinks.

This might surprise you, but tree roots are a big culprit. They wrap around plumbing lines and cause moisture to accumulate into the yard. If you notice a sudden drop in water pressure, look for wet patches in the yard and, if you see them, call the plumber.

Moisture can be just as damaging, and we create plenty of humidity right in our own homes with everyday activities. Cooking, showering or washing clothes can create mold, mildew, rust and moisture pockets in the wall which also make for peeling paint and wallpaper.

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