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Is vinyl flooring suitable if you have pets?

If you have pets, vinyl flooring could be your best option, offering plenty of durable characteristics and benefits for every room in your home. We?re going to tell you more about these options and their advantages as you read along with today?s post for more information.

Sheet vinyl flooring could be your best option

One of the benefits of sheet vinyl flooring that pet owners appreciate most is the waterproof characteristics that protect you from water damage. Spills, moisture, humidity, and dampness are all resisted by these materials, primarily through a lack of seams in the products themselves.

Vinyl flooring also offers impressive durability and stain resistance benefits, making these products a perfect addition to your pet-friendly home. You'll see fewer scratches, scuffs, dents, and stains, especially when you choose products with a thick, functional wear layer on top.

Lifespans can average 10 to 20 years with these materials and bring a beautiful d?cor match as well, so they're well worth your time. So, be sure to visit us today to find out more about what's available to you as our associates help you browse our well-stocked inventory.

We provide the vinyl flooring you need

At Bayland Flooring, you?ll find a wealth of materials that all work to your benefit, no matter what your requirements are. In addition, our associates will help you create the look and performance you need most, so be sure to share your preferences and conditions while you're here with us.

From our showroom in New Franken, WI, we serve residents from New Franken, Franken, Green Bay, and surrounding areas, and we'd like to help you as well. When you?re ready to choose vinyl sheet or other products from this line, we?re here to make sure you find the perfect options.