Luxury vinyl flooring in New Franken, WI from Bayland Flooring

Is luxury vinyl flooring practical?

Practicality is an essential character trait of luxury vinyl flooring. It ensures that the materials serve you precisely as they should for the life of the flooring.

Understanding how these floors are practical for?you?is crucial too. The way your floors perform under your specific traffic levels helps them last.

Luxury vinyl provides beautiful visuals

Luxury vinyl flooring can offer a practical solution to any decor need, matching every look and style. In addition, you'll enjoy products that look like wood, stone, and porcelain tile.

No matter what LVP flooring color, texture, or format you need, these materials have it. And you can even create a brand new look and build around it for exquisite results.

Practical performance is a necessity

When you have a busy household with lots of traffic, performance is of the utmost importance. The only practical solution is the durability customized for specific results.

Luxury vinyl flooring offers exceptional scratch, stain, and dent resistance. But they are also 100% waterproof in every room of your home.

A long lifespan you'll enjoy

Once your luxury vinyl plank flooring is in place, it could last more than 20 years. A professional installation and ongoing maintenance help achieve this lifespan.

Be sure to ask how you can create a floor covering that is yours and yours alone. We'll make sure you find all the options that serve you best.

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