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Is carpet binding complicated?

The art of carpet binding can be misunderstood without some background facts on the process and the results. Today's post will focus on this art, what it can do for your rugs, and why you should consider it if necessary, so read along to learn more.

Rug binding is a necessity in many cases

Binding is simply an edge that is added to custom area rugs, runners, and floor mats, to ensure that the materials the rug is made of do not unravel, run, or fall apart. However, it has, over the years, been used for beautiful visual additions as well, especially in more formal spaces like foyers and dining rooms.

There are three main types of binding, with each one offering specific characteristics of its own.

  • The standard binding uses a fabric tape that generally blends with the rug you?ve chosen and is not incredibly noticeable. It's affordable, easy to attach, and does what it's supposed to do.
  • Serging is a step above the standard binding and uses fiber stitching instead of tape. The finished look is a little neater, and you can choose to blend colors or choose one that stands out a bit for unique visuals.
  • Fringing is the most visual of the binding methods and is necessary for handmade rugs. This process can take a little longer, especially if knotted and is the more expensive of the three methods.

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