Humidity and luxury vinyl flooring DO mix

Humidity and luxury vinyl flooring DO mix

Luxury vinyl flooring is thick, layered, and waterproof. As uncommon as it is, humidity can still affect it.

Here's the good news. Just a couple of tiny precautions will eliminate any problem with humidity and your floors.

Don't worry; you can't see the air holes!

First, know that it has microscopic air holes. They're there to circulate, so they can expand when the air gets humid; the opposite is true when it's cold.

Best defense: acclimate

This is a simple pre-installation process. First, place the planks (LVP flooring) or tile-sized squares (LVT flooring) in the room where they will be installed.

When shopping for LVT or vinyl plank flooring, check with a flooring expert about how to acclimate. Every manufacturer is different, but generally, leaving the pieces for two or three days before installation is required.?

It's best to take them out of the boxes to place the pieces side-by-side on the floor. You can leave the opened boxes in the room if you can't put the planks side-by-side.

This allows the pieces to adjust to their new environment. Remember, it might be stored in a facility with a different climate than your home.

Ask about underlayment/moisture barrier requirements

A moisture barrier will benefit your LVT and LVP flooring in New Franken, WI. It prevents water damage and mold growth.?

Many use them, but you should discuss this with your luxury vinyl flooring expert. Yours might already come with an underlayment; buying another one is unnecessary.

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