Pet-friendly carpet in a Franken, WI home

How to protect your carpets

Once you spend time researching, shopping for, and purchasing new carpeting, you'll want to be sure to protect them, so you?ll experience its intended lifespan. In today?s post, we?re going to tell you more about how to do that so your floors will look and perform better, especially over time.

Carpeting can last a long time

While some carpets require replacement as often as every three to five years, some products can last as long as twenty years, and that lifespan is tied directly to the protection you give it. Here are some tips to keep your carpet looking great and performing well.

1.? ? ? Right from the start, a professional installation ensures your warranty will never be voided and that you?ll always have someone to call if you need assistance

2.? ? ? Another factor, even before purchase, is choosing the suitable carpet fiber that can go a long way to protecting your floors because it reduces wear and staining.

3.? ? ? Area rugs are an outstanding addition, especially in high-traffic spaces, to protect your carpet from wear, footprints, stains, and dinginess.

4.? ? ? Regular cleaning and care, including professional cleanings every twelve to eighteen months, help your floors last longer and look better.

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