Custom area rug in a Green Bay, WI home

How carpet binding can transform your space

Carpet binding is a great way to set the look for any area rug, in any room, for any d?cor purpose. This personalized edging can turn into various appearance elements just by changing a few choice things like color and fiber, so let?s find out even more about them.

Rug binding is an essential service

When you choose a custom rug, you'll be able to personalize it exactly as you want it to be, with the perfect fiber, added benefits, and, not least of all, the perfect rug binding. And each binding offers a beautifully different look.

A simple binding is the most affordable and easy to add, using a fabric strip and basic stitching. A matching color gives a nice, finished appearance, while a contrasting color brings a more eclectic feel to the area in which you?ve placed the rug.

Serging gives your rug a hand-sewn appearance, using a thick fiber to wrap the rug's entire edging. It?s a bit more expensive but adds a higher-end visual to any space.

The binding method known as fringing is undoubtedly the most decorative of the binding techniques and is usually seen on hand-knotted rugs. These edgings are reserved for areas with little traffic and little need for vacuuming, as they are easily soiled and make vacuuming a chore.

We offer your personalized custom area rugs

At Bayland Flooring, we specialize in meeting each customer's specific needs, no matter what size the order. Our associates are trained to understand your preferences and requirements and match them to the perfect materials and services.

We cater to residents from New Franken, Franken, Green Bay, and surrounding areas, all from our New Franken, WI showroom. When you?re ready for custom area rugs that will serve you for years to come, feel free to stop by and speak with one of our flooring experts.