Custom area rug in a New Franken living space

How are area rugs made?

When you walk into our showroom, you?ll see a variety of stock area rugs and, while the assortment is excellent, keep in mind that stock means standard sizes, shapes, and colors.? In an ideal world, all rooms would be perfect squares, but they often have door sills, baseboards, closets, and bay windows.?

If you?ve just installed new carpeting, you may also have a large, room-sized remnant leftover and tossing that translates to tossing money. Remnant edges aren't bound, but with professional carpet binding,?you?ll be able to turn it into a scatter rug.

What exactly is carpet edge binding?

This refers to a process where a rug's edges are stitched to keep it from unraveling. Our service will trim the carpet or remnant to whatever shape and size you need. Then wrap the fabric (usually cotton or polyester) and stitch it in place to finish the edges.? The result is a tailor-made runner or scatter rug.

Not to be confused with serging or fringing binding, this method is often preferred because of its low cost and easy, uncomplicated process. There are also numerous fabric colors from which to choose, making it easy to coordinate with your carpet.

Other reasons to use a rug binding service

A customer will often come to us explaining that their worn-out rug is a family heirloom, with too many memories to toss. Turned into a scatter rug or two, it will always remain with them. They also come to us when they need something very personal, with logos or favorite sayings, requiring a customized rug.

If you?re familiar with area rugs, you may already know to use them to divide, accent and highlight.? If you need ideas, we?re happy to get you started with these little gems, so feel free to come into the Bayland Flooring showroom?in New Franken, WI, to talk to one of our experts.? We work with homeowners in New Franken, Franken, Green Bay, and the surrounding areas.? You'll walk out with your creative juices flowing, plus a free quote for carpet binding and area rugs.