Carpet binding in New Franken, WI from Bayland Flooring

FAQs about carpet binding

Once you decide on custom rugs, even for only one area of your home, there are some things you should know. Carpet binding is an essential part of the process.

Binding not only finishes the look but keeps the rugs from unraveling once in place. And the more you know about the service, the better decision you can make for your piece.

Essential questions, important answers

Why does a carpet need binding?

One reason for this service is to create a beautiful, finished look. Carpet binding offers a variety of fibers, colors, and methods that add stunning visuals.

But it's also for protection and durability. A well-bound rug will last longer than one with loose, unkempt edges.

How are rugs bound?

Simple binding is one option, usually done with tape or cloth. Next is serging, which resembles hand-stitching, for a high-end appearance.

Finally, fringing offers an ornate edging that's reserved for low-traffic spaces. And each of these shows even more details as you dive into the service.

How long does the service take?

The length of the service depends on your specific choices. For example, carpet binding takes longer if intricate work is part of the task.

Once you choose your products and additions, we'll tell you precisely what you can expect. There will be no surprises, from start to finish.

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