Custom area rug in a Green Bay, WI apartment

Do you need backing on area rugs?

No matter what area rugs you have in place, a good backing is necessary for them all. These backings are made of various materials to accomplish different results, and we're going to tell you more about that in today's post about carpet binding.

Your best backing material?

The backing on an area rug serves several purposes, including protection of your main flooring. But it can also prevent those rugs from slipping around, especially in busy areas or spaces where children or pets play.

Some of the materials you might find on the backs of your favorite area rugs include latex, rubber, jute, and more, and you?ll find they all act a little differently. For instance, rubber is a great mold and mildew inhibitor, but it might slip on damp floors, so it is a combination of characteristics you should consider, and not just a single one.

It can also be essential to note that an area rug backing is not the same as a carpet pad. However, they can be used in tandem to create the experience you want and need, and we can explain all the details when you visit our showroom at your convenience.

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