Considering vinyl flooring? Here are 6 great reasons why you should install it!

Considering vinyl flooring? Here are 6 great reasons why you should install it!

Durable, versatile, stain-resistant, and waterproof, vinyl flooring is certainly one great flooring option for home makeovers. Though it was first manufactured in the 1930s, it?s more modern version has become an incredibly popular choice among homeowners looking for a quality, affordable alternative that doesn?t compromise on style.?

If you?re considering vinyl flooring for your home renovation, check out the following 6 great reasons why this floor would be an excellent addition to your home.?

1. Easy, quick installation

Without a doubt, one of the easiest, quickest flooring types to install is vinyl. However, for a successful installation, the key is to ensure the subfloor is perfectly smooth and void of any imperfections. Indentations and bumps will show through and wreak havoc on your floors if you don't address them first!

2. Durability?

When properly installed and well-maintained, vinyl floors can easily last upwards of 20 years ? or more!

3. Stain-resistant and hygienic?

All it takes to clean your floors and keep them looking lovely is regular sweeping and damp mopping. Thanks to its wear layer, these floors are protected from food and liquid mishaps. But, of course, they do need scheduled upkeep to give you their best!

4. Versatile aesthetics?

With a vast assortment of patterns and colors to choose from, these floors can easily blend into any room. As well, tiles, planks, and sheets are manufactured in various lookalike options, such as wood, stone, and ceramic, so you can select authentic material looks too.?

5. Moisture resistance

Go ahead and install this waterproof material in essentially any space in your home. It?s particularly suited to areas that see humidity or moisture, like the laundry rooms, kitchen, and bathroom.

6. Soft, comfortable underfoot?

It?s an excellent solution for rooms that tend be chilly when you don?t want something underfoot that?s cold. Also, since it has a bit of give to it, its texture is softer underfoot.??Not sure if vinyl would suit your home renovation? Then come on down to our Bayland Flooring showroom in New Franke, WI and check out our other great flooring options!