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Carpet binding basics and more

One of the most popular uses of smaller carpet remnants is the creation of custom area rugs, and every custom rug requires the perfect carpet binding to make sure the edges don?t unravel or fray as it?s used in your home. If this is something you?re looking into, you might have some questions, and we?d like to take the time to answer a few.

What you need to know about carpet binding

Carpet binding
is the act of applying adhesive, fabric, or stitching to the edges of a piece of carpet to keep them from unraveling. Three methods are commonly used to accomplish this process. Serging, fringing, and regular binding.

In regular binding, a piece of binding tape is sewn to the carpet?s edge. Serging accomplishes this process using stitching, while fringing, as you might suspect, does it by adding fringe to two sides of your rug piece. Fringing is most often the preferred method for oriental rugs.

Carpet binding is more affordable than you might think. This makes the idea of more than one area rug a great idea. With such affordable service, you can protect your flooring from dirt and debris, create a runner for your stairs, or even add a warm, comfortable space in your child?s room for floor time.

Between the great variety of carpet remnants available, you can create some magnificent pieces when combined with the perfect carpet binding. Mix colors add a bit of texture or bring back sheer simplicity, all from this one great rug service.

For more information or ideas about how you can use carpet remnants for this purpose, or to repair or renew your carpeting, be sure to visit us.

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