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Carpet binding and all it offers

Custom rugs cater to a wealth of your flooring needs with impressive benefits. You can create the specific look you want, with many features.

Carpet binding
is one of the ways you can personalize your rugs to create the best results. Here are some options to give you some ideas as you start shopping.

What are your carpet binding options?

There are three primary binding techniques you can choose from. And each one offers specific benefits that will finish your rug precisely as you need it completed.

Consider regular carpet binding tape or fabric if you need a quick finish. Plenty of color choices will match the rug or your existing decor.

Serging is another binding method that mimics actual hand stitching. It's a beautiful finish, perfect for more formal spaces or rustic decor options.

Fringe is the most decorative binding option, with various fringe lengths, colors, and fiber types. These options are best in areas with less foot traffic.

How long does the binding process take?

The binding should take about two hours for a standard four-by-eight size rug. But the process could take longer for custom rugs if there is a waiting list ahead of you.

If you need answers about your carpet binding process, feel free to speak with a specialist while you're here. We'll give you the detailed information you seek.

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