Waterproof flooring in a Green Bay, WI home

Can you have an underlayment with waterproof flooring?

If you are preparing to purchase waterproof flooring for your home, you may be wondering if you can have an underlayment even though the flooring is waterproof. The answer is yes, and here?s why and how.

Waterproof flooring underlayment

An underlayment can do so much for your hard surface flooring, including waterproof laminate flooring. It adds comfort, a warmer touch, and noise reduction, which can benefit just about any area.

It does the same job beneath waterproof vinyl flooring and adds to the resilience already found in some products in this line. This addition can work in nearly any room, so be sure to ask about specifics in the locations you have in mind.

Some products come with an underlayment already attached, so you don't have to worry about choosing an additional product. If you have to choose, be sure to work with your flooring professional for the best characteristics not to affect installation and performance.

Not every underlayment product is designed for luxury vinyl flooring, so it's essential to have the experience of an industry insider who knows what to recommend for your chosen floor covering. Some flooring, such as those placed in some below-grade spaces, won?t need an additional underlayment, especially if installed over an existing floor covering.

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