Vinyl flooring installation in a New Franken, WI home

Can sheet vinyl flooring be installed over concrete?

You can install vinyl sheet flooring over various subflooring or existing flooring, including concrete. However, some specific requirements make the process easier, and in today's post, we will share a few of them now, so read along with us.

Vinyl flooring can be installed over a variety of subfloor materials

The subfloor or existing floor covering you install your flooring materials over matters. If there are any existing issues, they can be dealt with before the floor covering is installed.

For instance, if there are high spots in the cement or concrete, a grinder can bring the surface level to a more even place. You can also treat holes, cracks, or moisture issues by repairing or installing moisture or vapor barrier to protect against damage.

These materials can also be installed over subflooring such as wood, or existing floors, including tile, vinyl flooring, and certain stone materials. There may be steps that need to be taken before installation can be accomplished, and we will address every issue and step of the process before we install the first piece.

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