Perfectly maintained luxury vinyl flooring in a New Franken, WI home

Can luxury vinyl flooring be waxed?

The brilliance of new luxury vinyl flooring creates an appearance you?ll want to protect for as long as possible. When and if that starts to fade, you can be faced with the desire to do whatever it takes to keep your floors looking newer longer.
We are often asked if luxury vinyl flooring can be waxed, and that is the question we will address here today. Let?s find out how to keep your floors looking great for as long as possible.

Maintaining luxury vinyl flooring products

When viewing a brand new piece of a luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or tile (LVT), the magnificent appearance is the top wear layer laid over the design layer. The wear layer protects against daily wear, such as scratches, scuffs, and scrapes, but it also creates a beautiful appearance that can resemble a highly waxed surface.

This wear layer is most often covered with one or more urethane layers, which adds protection and sheen to your floor covering. Therefore wax serves no real purpose and therefore does not need to be added at any point.

To keep the shine you fell in love with in the showroom, be sure to clean your floors as directed by the manufacturer. This can mean purchasing specific cleaners or dust mops to make sure your floors look great for years to come.

Another way to protect your floors, thus keeping that new shine for as long as possible, is to make use of area rugs or runners. These rugs trap debris that would otherwise scratch and mar your flooring.

Let us help with your luxury vinyl flooring

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