Laminate flooring in a Franken, WI home

Can laminate flooring be waterproof?

The trend for waterproof flooring is growing in popularity, and that trend does not look to be slowing down in the foreseeable future. It only makes sense, then, to consider which materials offer the waterproof benefit.

You may be wondering if you can choose a waterproof laminate flooring, and that?s what we are going to discuss in today?s blog post. So read along to find out more.

Waterproof flooring offers many options

Waterproof vinyl flooring has long been known as an industry standard for excellent waterproof options, thanks to a core material that protects from top to bottom. It's a perfect choice for even basement areas that might flood from time to time because the product is entirely impervious to water.

Laminate flooring also offers a waterproof option, but you should understand the limitations of the material to make the most use of it. If you spill something on these floors or have it installed in laundry rooms and bathrooms, you will see great results, as this is what the material is designed to do.

However, many products still have wood-based products at their core and need extra protection if installing over a subfloor with moisture issues. Our associates can give you even more information about waterproof flooring to make the best decisions for your home.

Find your perfect waterproof flooring right here

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