Waterproof vinyl sheet flooring in a New Franken, WI home

Are sheet vinyl floors waterproof?

The simple answer is yes, they are waterproof, but what does that mean for flooring?

The secret to vinyl flooring?s waterproof nature is no secret at all. It has two components: a vinyl compound and a felt-paper backing on which the compound is spread. Yes, there are other layers, like a print layer (for design) and a plastic wear layer to protect it from scuffing but felt and vinyl are the two basic components of this type of flooring.

Why is this important?

Well, to begin with, felt is by its very nature, moisture resistant. Have you ever had a felt jacket? When it rains, the water tends to bead off of it and leaves you relatively dry underneath. To an even greater extent, vinyl is completely waterproof. It?s no wonder that car seats and mattress covers are often constructed from such materials. Moisture and water simply do not affect it and will not break it down.

Now, apply this principle to your flooring. With sheet goods, you have a layer of vinyl and felt between your subfloor and you. Let?s say, then, that you spill water. And let?s say that you spill more than a little bit of water. The waterfalls and now it is on the floor. But water cannot penetrate sheet vinyl, it cannot soak through. That means the water will simply sit on top of the flooring until you clean it up. No damage to your subfloor or the rooms below will take place.

You see, one of the reasons that you want a waterproof floor is not just for easy cleanup and so your floor won?t be ruined by the moisture. Those are important. Yet, the reason that you want a waterproof floor is also to protect what is under that floor from damage when water strikes.

What are you waiting for?

Water is a great thing to have outside of your home and it is a good thing to have inside of your home so long as it stays in designated places (a sink, a washing machine, a bathtub, etc?). In the wrong places, water can do damage you do not want to have. At Bayland Flooring, we have all your vinyl flooring needs. We can also install them for you. Give us a call or stop by our New Franken, WI showroom. Whether you live around the corner or in Green Bay or Franken, we can show you how to keep water where it belongs.