A guide to carpet textures

A guide to carpet textures

Carpeting is an excellent option for many rooms, including the bedroom, living room, den, or playroom. It's essential to understand texture because they range from soft and plush to ultra-durable. It's critical to understand your needs so that you choose the best one for you.

Carpet anatomy

We want you to understand this because everything is related:? style, pile, and texture. This type of floor covering always starts as a straight looped construction. The fibers are threaded through the backing, much like a needlepoint action. They either stay as is or can be cut into varying heights, called piles. Whether looped, cut, twisted, or loose, the fibers determine the rug's texture and style.

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A dictionary of texture terms

Plush is a traditional cut pile with straight, even-length fibers that give it a luxurious and velvety look, smooth surface, and dense weave.

Saxony has longer fibers that stand up straight up, are more densely packed, and sometimes twisted. Their height and uniform direction give a certain reflective quality, making this rug prone to vacuum marks and footprints. It is, therefore, a good option for low-traffic areas such as living rooms that are only used when entertaining guests.

The frieze has longish fibers that are so tightly twisted they curl in different directions, giving the rug a less uniform and more casual look. It'd be a good choice for family rooms or dens.

The level loop is also sometimes referred to as Berber or straight looped. These have uncut loops, making for a tight overall texture without distinct patterns or variation. When it becomes a Berber, there's usually thicker yarn and a neutral color palette with flecks of color. All level loops are durable, great for high-traffic areas, and hides dirt and stains reasonably well.

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