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Why the core of waterproof flooring matters

When you dive into waterproof flooring, you'll find lots of information. And part of this information involves the construction of the product.

For instance, the core components in waterproof materials matter very much but understanding why could be the key to choosing the perfect floor covering.

How are waterproof floors constructed?

The construction process is essential when considering materials that should be 100% waterproof. One of the best products in this line is waterproof vinyl flooring.

The layered composition of these floors gives you a backing, core, visual, and wear layer. But it's the core layer that matters most.

Different core layer components

Vinyl is a product that is waterproof by nature. It offers outstanding protection even in the dampest of areas.

But core components help protect the floor as a whole. And here are some waterproof vinyl and waterproof laminate flooring options you may have heard of:

  • WPC - Woodplastic composite isn't made of wood but wood by-products. And itoffers complete waterproof protection.

  • SPC - Stoneplastic composite is often thinner but more rigid than WPC products.Its creation included limestone and binders to protect

Other waterproof flooring options are available

Other core components are available, and we'll share them all with you while you're here. If you need a specific material, be sure to let our associates know.

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