Large custom area rug in a Franken, WI living space

Why are area rug edges so important?

All area rugs need edging because it prevents fraying and unraveling.? It doesn?t matter if you're making one out of a treasured but worn carpet; using remnants or re-shaping and sizing a standard rug, you will need to finish the edges.? Feel free to talk to us If you have any questions about our carpet edge binding services.

What is standard carpet binding?

Binding, the least expensive and easiest way to do this, involves wrapping a strip of fabric polyester or cotton around the rug?s edge and then stitching it by machine.

It's inexpensive, and combine that with the wide assortment of colors of materials available, and you'll always have a rug edge that blends with the rest of the carpet; since it?s thin, it would look a little strange if you tried to contrast or accent with another color.

Serging and fringe: two other edge types

Serging is usually more expensive than binding; someone once described serging as looking like the inside seam of a piece of clothing. Also referred to as overlock stitching, serging looks hand sewn but is typically done by machine. The result is it seems like a thick fiber has been wrapped around the edge of the carpet continuously.? Serging is often seen on manufactured area rugs and is available in various colors, but is still usually less than what is available in binding.

Fringing is more expensive than either binding or serging. This iconic finishing treatment is necessary for hand-knotted rugs because it is considered a foundational fiber, but it?s only for appearance when on machine-made rugs.

The importance of an area rug

Area rugs are essential design tools, often layered over hardwood and other hard surfaces or carpet to accent and highlight.? They also reduce noise, add warmth and comfort, separate and divide spaces, and save money and eliminate waste by allowing you to reuse and recycle.

To find out more, visit our carpet binding department at the Bayland Flooring showroom in New Franken, WI. You?ll be glad you did!? We service New Franken, Franken, Green Bay, and surrounding areas and provide free quotes.