Rigid core luxury vinyl (sometimes called “click vinyl”) does not need to be glued down but instead has a thicker center core that allows it to click into place with other flooring pieces. Some of the cores are made from a stone-plastic composite material and others from a wood-plastic composite material. Still, in all cases, they create a waterproof flooring that is both durable and attractive.
Why might you want a rigid core floor?
Other than the fact that it rhymes, of course. Seriously, a rigid core allows your vinyl flooring to be installed as a floating floor. It can be laid over some forms of solid surfaces, like hardwood or tile, and the solid core helps to mitigate minor imperfections in your subfloor. For instance, perhaps you want to install a wood-look waterproof flooring in your kitchen, where there is already ceramic tile. If you don’t wish to take up the ceramic or ruin it with a glue layer, the click floor provides you with your solution. Or, you might have an uneven floor in your basement and want to install a vinyl floor without the time and expense of leveling the existing flooring. Again, solid core flooring is your solution.
Beautiful options in waterproof flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring provides you with attractive options for every room in your home — including those rooms which attract spills and water. The planks will give you a wood look, mimicking the look and feel of many wood surfaces. The tiles are designed to offer the look and feel of stone, ceramic, or porcelain. In most cases, your guests will not be able to tell the difference on a casual examination.
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