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Three looks you can have with sheet vinyl flooring

As you think about sheet vinyl flooring options, you should know you have some visual choices. These are extensive and cover a wealth of needs and requirements.

We know beautiful floors are essential to every homeowner. And here are three looks you'll find in this flooring line right now.

1. The wood-look

Seams don't dissect the beautiful wood look in this floor covering. Instead, a single sheet of this product covers most average-sized rooms with no seams.

Grain patterns, designs, and species replications look more realistic. You'll also appreciate a wood look with complete waterproof protection in vinyl sheet flooring.

2. The stone look

Like the wood look choice, stone look vinyl mimics the real thing easily. Patterns, colors, and textures create a fantastic look for every room.

Stone is the best choice for formal areas like dining rooms or foyers. And it offers looks that will likely keep you current for years.

3. The tile look

This is a great place to start looking if you'd like a porcelain tile look. Many of the same looks you can find in tile, you'll see right here in sheet vinyl flooring too.

Take time to consider all the available trends. And you're sure to find the perfect match for your decor.

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