Three big reasons to want a carpet binding service

Three big reasons to want a carpet binding service

Take a close look at any area rug and you will see binding around the carpet edges. They protect against frayed borders.

It?s also a design tool, enabling you to customize a floor just as you would with any area rug, but without the often exorbitant cost of standard or customized ones.

Typically, wall-to-wall doesn?t have it, because this soft surface is installed with tack strips. For the most part, that makes unraveling uncommon, but not completely immune to becoming worn, especially if you use a metal strip placed over wood or tile.

What does it mean?

It means altering the borders of a carpet with fabric or adhesive; basically, you?re taking scraps and having them blended to create one big custom area rug.

Standard binding is done by folding and stitching fabric (but many also use a special adhesive), and it?s hardly noticeable, being narrow and ultra-color-matched to the original. The result is a tailored, classic finish.

It is not to be confused with serging, which gives a different appearance. Serging just means that the yarn is continued and wrapped around the edges, and it is noticeable.


  • Cost-cutting. Nothing goes to waste. Remember when we said earlier that wall-to-wall carpet isn?t 100% immune to fraying? Even if it?s old, but in good shape other than the perimeters, there?s no need to throw it out! Design a few matching area rugs.

  • Even when you get a new rug it can also decrease unwanted waste. Ever notice how much is left by the curb for garbage pick-up? That means it ends up in landfills, but you can use those pieces to create runners or scatter rugs.
  • Creative freedom. It would be nice is every room was a perfect square and if all off-the-rack pieces came in more than just a few standard sizes.

  • That means there?s a good chance you can fall in love with something that just won?t work in your rooms, but carpet binding will let you change the shape or the size. You can even change the pattern or texture if you want because you are designing a custom rug.
  • It protects your home. Many recommend strategically placing area rugs to protect from scratches and water or to accent and highlight, but they can be expensive. Binding remnants is a low-cost, creative solution.

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