Beautiful area rug in a New Franken, WI living room

The binding tapes: Carpet remnants? What are they?

Carpet remnants are exactly what they sound like. They are remaining portions of carpet that are left on a roll once orders have been filled. For instance, we have a roll with 100 feet of carpet on it and 90 feet is needed to do a job, the 10 feet that remain on the roll is called a "remnant." In some cases, remnants come from our warehouse after orders have been filled. Also, when manufacturers have remnants that are not useful sizes for them, then they typically offer them at a discount and by the truckload to dealers like us, who in turn, pass those savings along to you, our customers.

For what can remnants be used?

Some remnants are large enough to carpet a small bedroom or some closet space. They also can be used to install carpeting on a set of steps or in hallways that you might have. Occasionally, people will even install remnants in a shed or workshop.

Area rugs

Most commonly, remnants are used to create area rugs. These are cut to the appropriate sizes, then a non-skid backing is attached, and the carpet edges are bound to prevent fraying. For area rugs of this type, you can even combine two remnants, one serving as a border for the other, stylizing the area rug in a manner that suits the style and mood of the room in which it will be placed.

A runner is, in essence, just another kind of area rug. In this case, it is one that is narrow and long and is typically used to go up a flight of hardwood steps, providing softness underfoot while leaving the beautiful hardwood edges visible. As these are typically installed with rods or staples, a skid-proof backing is not necessary, but binding would be needed to keep the carpet edge clean and attractive.

Carpet edge binding

We, at Bayland Flooring, provide some of the finest in-house bindings in the area. We will sew a cloth binding around the edges of your area rug, runner, or baseboard carpet, making sure that the color blends naturally with the color of the carpet. Carpet binding creates an attractive finished look to the remnant you have chosen.

If you are thinking about a remnant for a room or an area rug, consider stopping by our New Franken, WI showroom and ask about our carpet binding. We serve the areas of Franken, New Franken, and Green Bay, but if you live in the surrounding area WI, we'd like to serve you as well. At Bayland Flooring, we offer a wide range of remnants, all ready for use.