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Synthetic versus natural carpet fibers ? does it make a difference for carpet binding?

Rug binding is an integral part of your flooring experience when you're trying to find or create the perfect rug for your home. Today, we will discuss whether there's a difference in synthetic and natural fibers when binding these pieces, so read along for more information.

Rug binding options that serve you well

Typical binding includes binding tape, serging, which replicates hand stitching, and fringing, the most decorative of the crucial options. There aren't many differences between natural and synthetic rug options bindings, although there can be some alternatives if you prefer.

For instance, a sisal herringbone tape is often used for natural fibers, especially those with a low pile. However, there are also natural fiber materials of other kinds that can be used to ensure the all-natural appeal of your rug in every way.

When you?re ready to explore all the available binding options for your natural or synthetic rug, be sure to stop by our showroom to see all your options. We will work with you to find the carpet binding option that fits you best, so be sure to stop by today.

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Bayland Flooring offers exceptional carpet binding in New Franken, WI, with plenty of materials to accomplish any task you have in mind. Whether you choose natural or synthetic carpet fibers, we have the perfect binding and additional services for your complete satisfaction.

We proudly serve residents in New Franken, Franken, Green Bay, and surrounding areas, all from our showroom in New Franken, WI, and we look forward to working with you as well. In addition, we can help you find the perfect carpet binding for any floor covering, so stop by whenever you?re in the area.