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Is vinyl flooring recyclable?

You may have already noticed how popular vinyl flooring is, and for many good reasons. It's beautiful, long-lasting, and offers excellent performance.

But is it recyclable? That is an often-asked question that deserves some attention.

What is vinyl flooring made of?

The primary "ingredient" in vinyl is PVC (polyvinyl chloride). But it also has ingredients like resins, pigments, stabilizers, and solvents.?

The material is then covered in urethane so that it's very wear-resistant. All these features a layered construction for exceptional performance.

How is recycling accomplished?

The PVC in sheet vinyl flooring must be separated from other materials before it's reusable. This can present an issue for some products and specific additives.

Once recyclers separate the parts, the PVC can go into other products as a recycled material. It's a great way to keep used flooring out of landfills and into a greener building source for the future.

How do you take advantage of vinyl recycling?

Some flooring manufacturers have buyback programs in place. Others may offer recycling at certain times, depending on their facility and need.

What makes vinyl sheet recycling even more beneficial is that you can recycle vinyl up to eight times. In addition, the process doesn't harm the molecule's length.

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