Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring in a New Franken, WI home

Is luxury vinyl flooring waterproof?

Yes, it is completely impervious to liquid, and that is one of the greatest benefits of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF). The core is made of vinyl composites and it keeps water from absorbing for many hours, as many as 16, according to some. If you want an even higher level of protection, select LVF with an SPC (stone plastic composite) or WPC (wood plastic composite) that won?t peel or ripple, no matter how much water it?s exposed to or for how long.

What is LVF?

We like to call it ?stylish savings? because it has a high end, sophisticated look that makes it terrific for any room in the house. You?ll have the look of natural products, such as wood, stone, or tile, but you won't pay anywhere near that.

The images are taken with 3D photography, so they?re clear and accurate with vibrant color and patterns that display knots, wormholes, grains, swirls, and veining variations. Embossing adds depth and dimension, as well as textured appearances such as hand-scraped, wire-brushed, weathered, and distressed. They come in matte, gloss, and high-gloss finishes.

A wonderful design option

LVF can be cut into a vinyl plank to mimic a hardwood board, called LVP. It can also be cut into square, groutable tile-sized pieces, LVT. Many feel the extra seams add to the realism and some even use grout in LVT seams; grout now comes in a wide color palette and is considered a design tool. Although most often associated with hardwood planks, LVP is sometimes used to mimic stone because of the large format, continuous look of a quarried slab.

Easy care, uncomplicated installation

All it needs is a daily sweeping and periodic damp mopping with water and a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Installation is the floating floor technique where the pieces click together, forming a mat and then hovering over the subfloor. The subfloor only needs to be clean, dry, and level, but sometimes the installer will have to sand out the imperfections so they don?t telegraph to the surface.

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