Custom area rug in a New Franken, WI home

Can area rugs be customized?

Yes, as long as you use a carpet binding service to keep the edges from fraying and unraveling, you can personalize any area rug. Carpet edge binding refers to placing a strip of cloth, usually polyester or cotton, and then stitching it by machine.? It is a fast and inexpensive method with a wide selection of available binding materials; you can find almost any color to blend with the carpet.

Stock into custom

Wouldn't it be great if all rooms were perfect squares?? However, they are not, and stock area rugs come in set sizes, shapes, and colors that won?t fit around door sills, moldings, or bay windows.? If you find something you love, buy it anyway (in the largest size to accommodate cutting), then have it cut, shaped, and re-sized to fit your room.

Some other ideas include personalizing a rug with a logo or graphic for a special occasion or salvaging a worn but cherished rug that?s a family heirloom; when cut into mats, you'll have it with you forever.? Binding also helps to eliminate waste; broadloom carpet comes in standard widths, and even if you?re only a little short, you'll have to buy the full roll; there can be a lot left over. Don't throw it out; use it.

Why an area rug?

You can do a lot with these little gems, from separating and sectioning off an area of a room, adding texture and design interest, or even insulating against noise. For the most visual appeal, be sure the rug is large enough; ideally, it should fit under large furniture, such as sofas, about 18 inches of bare floor around the perimeter.?? If that?s not possible, anchor them with the front legs. Bedrooms can be tricky, so place a runner on each side of the bed.

You?ll be amazed at what you can do with area rugs and carpet binding. We offer that service, so for information, inspiration, and a free quote, visit the Bayland Flooring showroom?in New Franken, WI, especially if you live in or around New Franken, Franken, or Green Bay surrounding areas.