vinyl floors

Can I use vinyl floors in the bathroom?

At Bayland Flooring, we often answer many questions about vinyl flooring daily. One common question is whether or not vinyl can be installed in bathrooms. The short answer is yes! As a versatile, water-resistant product, vinyl has quickly become a favorite for bathroom floors. There are several reasons why this type of flooring may be perfect for your home. Let's find out more about this great option!

Durability ?

When it comes to everyday wear-and-tear, vinyl is virtually indestructible. As such, it?s become such a popular choice for bathroom renovations. These slats can handle everything from fading to stains to humidity and steam. As a high-quality product, this also means you don?t have to worry about mold growth beneath your flooring. Now, isn?t that fantastic!

Style Versatility ?

Do you have any clue how much time you spend in the washroom? Aside from your bedroom where you spend hours sleeping, your bathroom sees you plenty of times during day and night visits. As another space you spend a lot of time in, you should be able to use a truly versatile flooring that makes the room look nice but also creates a sanitary haven. Luckily, vinyl comes in a wide variety of design options to choose from.

Affordability ?

Compared to a few other types of flooring materials, vinyl is incredibly affordable. However, don't mistake this affordability to mean cheaply made ? because it certainly isn't. While it is an economical, budget-friendly alternative, it simply happens to cost less to manufacture. That's the only reason this type of flooring costs significantly less than other selections.?

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