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Can I install vinyl flooring in my living room?

While at first, that might seem like an odd question, it's important to know that vinyl these days is a lot more than just the economy product it was in the 1930s. Go into a store and see for yourself all of the colors, patterns, and designs.

Technology, such as 3-D printing, as well as embossing to give it textural appearances make the floors vibrant, with no more of those dull, flat images some may remember.

So, the answer is ?yes,? you can install it in the living room or any room in the house.? We?re also seeing it in some sophisticated, high-end homes.

Various generations

You have standard and luxury vinyl. The main difference is that luxury is thicker, and often cut in planks to mimic genuine wood. Standard is mostly sheet, although there are also tiles.

Both versions can be printed with an almost unlimited number of images, patterns or color combinations. ?That means it can simulate the look of wood, tile or stone, whether it?s standard or luxury.? When it is cut into planks or tiles, many feel that the extra seams add more realism, with some even using grout between the tiles.

Texturing can make the floor look wire-brushed, hand scraped, antiqued or weathered.

Here we?re going to mention an even newer version: waterproof flooring.? While all vinyl is waterproof, this gives an ultra-high level of protection with a core that won?t peel or ripple no matter what.? Speak in detail with your retailer to determine the best version for your needs.

Where else can you install it?

Because any version is so durable, it?s great for family or playrooms.? It?s layered, with the top sheet being a strong wear layer that protects against scratches and scuffs. It?s not fazed by pull toys.? Stains just sit on the surface so they?re easy to clean up, even when from a marker or crayon.

It?s also the preferred flooring for senior communities and centers because of the excellent amount of traction.? It?s always just the right amount, so whether the shoes have rubber or leather soles, there will be no slipping.

Standard vinyl is sometimes called ?resilient? vinyl because of the ability to bounce back.? It?s not rigid and doesn?t get cold; senior pets will appreciate that.

Other benefits include easy maintenance and simple, DIY-friendly installation. Visit our showroom to learn more!