Benefits of carpet binding in high-traffic areas

Benefits of carpet binding in high-traffic areas

There are a lot of advantages to carpet binding. First, it's an affordable opinion to create the exact rug that fits your needs and style. You'll often find that making just one rug leads to multiple benefits. Read on to learn more.

Excellent in high-traffic areas

With standard area rugs, you?re limited in your choices. However, everything is standard, including sizes, thickness, shapes, etc. The rug you choose may not be ideal?but it's within your budget.

When you create your own, you can piece together higher-priced materials at a price you can afford.

Total control with a custom rug

You create your exact vision. Then, your idea comes to life with the precise color, designs, size, and shape you want.??

Other carpet binding advantages:

  1. You save money with carpet binding. You may have a worn rug that's just too expensive to replace. We'll cut around it, bind it, and it will still be with you. That same principle applies if you have an heirloom you can't bear to part with.?
  2. They protect floors: These little gems are both functional and aesthetic. Place them over high-traffic areas, in front of sinks to catch splashes, or strategically in hallways. Then, take them to our company for carpet binding in New Franken, WI.?
  3. Add spots of color. Not ready to go all in on the trend toward bold colors? Not to worry, minimal maximalists are expected to be the hottest trend in 2023.?
Install a neutral color rug and layer with a colorful area rug.
  1. They minimize waste. Often there will be a lot of leftover scraps with a new carpet installation. Have them made into custom rugs.

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