Waterproof flooring in a Franken, WI home

Are SPC, WPC, and luxury vinyl all waterproof?

Luxury vinyl is an 'install anywhere' type of flooring. Not only does it tolerate water, but it is also stain and scratch-resistant. This easy to clean and durable floor covering is ideal for pet owners. Luxury vinyl is attractive as well as functional. Planks realistically imitate hardwood while tiles mimic hardwood, stone, and ceramic. Bayland Flooring, located in New Franken, Wisconsin, has a large waterproof flooring inventory for immediate installation, and thousands of styles can be ordered.

Core materials

Luxury vinyl flooring with a wood-plastic composite (WPC) core or a stone plastic composite (SPC) core is waterproof. A WPC core contains wood byproducts, while an SPC core includes limestone. The flooring will not change structurally even if it is wet for an extended period. Give waterproof flooring superior stain resistance, and you get a floor that can stand up to all kinds of tough-to-clean spills like red wine.


WPC and SPC rigid core flooring feel similar underfoot to hardwood, stone, and ceramic flooring. However, WPC flooring includes a foaming agent, so it feels softer than SPC flooring. While both types of planks and tiles are of high quality, SPC flooring products are superior. SPC flooring is the most durable waterproof vinyl flooring option on the market.

Luxury vinyl flooring

Multi-layer luxury vinyl is more than a budget-friendly alternative to the natural materials it imitates. It also creates additional design possibilities. Wood-look waterproof flooring is ideal for bathrooms and other moisture-prone areas where hardwood is not appropriate. Lightweight tile look flooring can be installed in areas that can't support its heavier counterpart.

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