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4 situations where carpet binding is the perfect solution

There are a great many reasons why you may want to enlist a carpet binding service provider. From fixing a large piece of carpet to creating an area rug from a remnant, not only can you get very crafty and creative with extra pieces of soft surfacing, but you can also save a significant amount of money by reusing a perfectly fine section of leftover carpeting. Here are 4 situations where you may want to call a carpet binding service.

Damaged carpeting

In some cases, a homeowner may have a section of wall-to-wall they like, but unfortunately, it's in bad shape and for the most part is unrepairable. Instead of throwing out a whole room's worth of surfacing ? and clogging up a landfill somewhere ? you can have a carpet binding provider create smaller area rugs. If your carpets are stained in some areas, they're still likely salvageable in the unstained sections and can be cut into rugs of varying sizes.


Even if you?re planning on redoing your floors because your installation is seriously outdated, your wall-to-wall can still serve another purpose: to bring warmth to your new wood installation. Of course, you?ll need to have your carpet binding provider assess the functionality of your surfacing to ensure it?s still usable. But most probably, with a good deep clean, you can create some lovely area rugs or runners to complement your renovation.?

Unique designs

Many unique designs can be made from the remnants of older installation or even showroom samples. For instance, one widely popular creation is what's called a quilted area rug. Much like a mosaic, this design uses pieces of carpeting that's sewn together to make a lovely yet cozy piece of artwork for your wall or floor.

Beautiful carpet, poor binding

Sometimes, you may acquire a carpet or rug that?s high-quality, whether at an antique shop, flea market or through a second-hand purchase, but the binding lets you down over time. Luckily, such an issue can be easily fixed by a carpet binding service provider.

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